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Bechdel Bill hosts a panel at the ACTRA Winter Conference

We’re hosting a panel at the ACTRA Toronto Winter Conference on February 18th! Joining us on the panel are Sudz Sutherland (Shoot the Messenger, Reign, Beauty and the Beast), Nicole Mendes (Book of Negroes, CBC), Diane Kerbel (Murdoch Mysteries), and Meagan Alison-Hancock (ART Talent.) We’ll be talking about how these various poritions can work together to empower diverse actors in being cast more often (in kickass roles). For more information or to register, go here.


It’s 2016. This year, let’s not be jerks.

Hello there. Thank you for being a friend of the Bechdel Bill. We take it to mean that you care about film and think film is important and think that the stories we see and the people within them inform us and shape us and give us something to strive for and that all of this is a beautiful thing. Funny, that’s what we think, too! As the general gluttony of the holidays wears off and a whole new year stretches ahead: what do you see? Is it a year of endless possibility and brand new ventures and financial abundance? …