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Bechdel Bill hosts a panel at the ACTRA Winter Conference

We’re hosting a panel at the ACTRA Toronto Winter Conference on February 18th! Joining us on the panel are Sudz Sutherland (Shoot the Messenger, Reign, Beauty and the Beast), Nicole Mendes (Book of Negroes, CBC), Diane Kerbel (Murdoch Mysteries), and Meagan Alison-Hancock (ART Talent.) We’ll be talking about how these various poritions can work together to empower diverse actors in being cast more often (in kickass roles). For more information or to register, go here.


Imogen Grace in the Torontoist

The next time you shell out 14 bucks to see a movie on the big screen (or spend the night on your couch surfing Netflix, we don’t judge), ask yourself: where are the women? Less than 60 per cent of Hollywood productions currently pass the Bechdel Test, which asks: Does a film have 1) two female characters 2) with names 3) who talk to each other 4) about something other than a man? In 2015, films as varied as Hotel Transylvania 2, Sicario, and Ant-Man all failed this test, but Imogen Grace is working on that. She’s co-founded the Bechdel …


The Bechdel Bill Launch at TIFF in She Does the City

This past Friday I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the Bechdel Bill, a women in film initiative that asks producers and production companies to pledge that 80% or more of their films pass the popular feminist Bechdel Test. In order to pass, a movie must feature at least two women who have names and talk to each other about something other than a man. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? You’d be amazed to find out how many films fail miserably (hint: A LOT OF THEM DO). The test was named after the brilliant American cartoonist Alison …


Bechdel Bill in The Mary Sue

The Bechdel Test may measure the female presence in a film, but in truth, it can’t do anything to increase it without others taking action and working to assure that more films find a place for real female characters. That’s where The Bechdel Bill, a new organization based out of Toronto, comes in. The Bechdel Bill, started by two Canadian women and film professionals (Imogen Grace, a Braveheart fan except when it comes to female roles, and Joella Crichton), hopes to get film companies and filmmakers to vow that 80 per cent of their films will pass the Bechdel Test, …

How ‘Braveheart’ Convinced Me to Start the Bechdel Bill, by Imogen Grace

Late one winter night, I was snuggled up beside my boyfriend, being the little spoon and catching up on the missed ’90s standard Braveheart, and the Bechdel Bill wasn’t even an apple in my eye. It was somewhere around the time when Mel Gibson rides gallantly towards the front lines, tree trunk arms akimbo, holding up a spear atop his fiery stead, and proclaims to the nefarious Englishmen, “You may take our lives, but you may not take our freedom!” when a question occurred to me. WHERE ARE ALL THE LADIES AT? Literally, where are they? What are they doing? …