How ‘Braveheart’ Convinced Me to Start the Bechdel Bill, by Imogen Grace


Late one winter night, I was snuggled up beside my boyfriend, being the little spoon and catching up on the missed ’90s standard Braveheart, and the Bechdel Bill wasn’t even an apple in my eye. It was somewhere around the time when Mel Gibson rides gallantly towards the front lines, tree trunk arms akimbo, holding up a spear atop his fiery stead, and proclaims to the nefarious Englishmen, “You may take our lives, but you may not take our freedom!” when a question occurred to me.


Literally, where are they? What are they doing? There were women in the 13th century, yes? And if not, surely there were women in the 90’s who you could have–I don’t know–written stuff for? I was flummoxed. Read the full article.